The Official Advice on Low Fat Diet and Cholesterol Is Incorrect: Health Charity

A health charity recently stated that forcing people to follow the low fat diets for lowering their cholesterol is having some big health consequences.


In a damning report, which accuses major public health bodies of colluding with the food industry, the National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration is calling for a big overhaul of present dietary guidelines. They state that the focus on low fat diets is not able to address Britain’s obesity crisis and that snacking between meals is making people fat.

Instead, the team is calling for a return to whole foods like fish, meat and dairy and also high fat, healthy foods, which includes avocados. The report that has caused a huge criticism among the scientific community also argues that the saturated fat does not cause any heart disease, but full fat dairy, including milk, yoghurt as well as cheese will actually protect the heart. The processed foods that are labelled as low fat, low cholesterol or proven to lower cholesterol must be avoided at all costs, and people with type-2 diabetes must eat a fat rich diet instead of the one based on carbohydrates.

The report also stated that sugar must be avoided, people must stop counting their calories and the idea that exercise can help you kill the bad diet is a myth. Instead, a diet low in refined carbohydrates, but high in the healthy fats, is an effective as well as safe approach to prevent the weight gain and also aid weight loss and minimize the risk of heart disease.

The report further added that eating a diet rich in full fat dairy like milk, cheese and yoghurt can actually lessen the chance of obesity. The most natural and nutritious foods available are meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, seeds, nuts, olive, avocados as all of these contain saturated fat. The continued demonization of omnipresent natural fat will drive people away from highly nourishing, wholesome and health promoting foods. The main authors of the report are also stating that the science of food has been corrupted by the commercial influences.

The Chairman of the National Obesity Forum, Prof David Haslam stated that as a clinician, by treating patients all day every day, he quickly realized that the guidelines on high, suggesting high carbohydrate, low fat diets were the universal panacea and were badly and deeply flawed.

From Greek Myth to Sports and Fitness Powerhouse

Ever heard of Nike? Who hasn’t?

You might be surprised to know that one of the world’s dominant shoes, sports equipment and clothing brands was aptly named after the Greek goddess of victory — and that the inspiration for the name struck during a dream.

It began in 1964 with a casual agreement and a handshake between University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, a middle-distance runner.

The pair formed Blue Ribbon Sports and began importing Japanese brand Onitsuka Tiger running shoes, known today as ASICs, for sale in the U.S.

In 1967, Knight and Bowerman made the handshake deal formal and incorporated as BRS Inc. Jeff Johnson signed on in 1965 as the company’s first full-time salesperson and opened Blue Ribbon Sports’ first retail outlet the following year.

In 1971, Johnson made an incalculable contribution to the company: One night, he dreamed of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, and suggested the name to his bosses. The company used the moniker for its first footwear product to feature the “Swoosh” mark — a soccer cleat called the Nike, whose name beat out Knight’s suggestion that they call it the Dimension 6.

The Swoosh trademark was created by a graphic-design student from Portland State University named Carolyn Davidson. She got $35 for her creation.

Expanding the Nike Brand

Looking to expand the line, Bowerman began experimenting with the concept of athletic shoes with rubber spikes. By pouring a liquid rubber compound into his wife’s waffle iron, Bowerman created an innovative running-shoe sole. The company unveiled Nike “Moon Shoes” featuring the Waffle sole for athletes competing at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon in 1972. A succession of shoes, many based on the waffle outsole, followed. Some of the most famous are the Waffle Racer, Air Force One and Air Max 97.

When tees featuring a lower-case “nike” script logo designed by Davidson hit stores that year, folks unfamiliar with the name asked, “Who’s Mike?” when they spotted the shirts.

Superstar Follow-Up

Nike followed up on its footwear fame by dressing athletes from head to toe, introducing apparel collections for tennis and basketball, which were popularized respectively by superstars John McEnroe and Michael Jordan. In 1988, Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan was introduced, and it remains one of the most recognizable and successful commercial taglines. In 1990, the first NikeTown store opened in Portland, Ore. The company signed golfing phenom Tiger Woods in 1996.

In 1999, Bill Bowerman, Nike’s co-founder, died at age 88. The company bought bankrupt rival Converse for $305 million in 2003. In 2004, Phil Knight stepped down as CEO and president of Nike, but he continues as chairman. Headquartered in Beaverton, Ore., Nike remains one of the largest and most successful companies operating today.

Importance of Fitness and Its Components

Modern lifestyle is the main cause of people not staying fit. Staying fit has become a great concern for people, proving its importance. Fitness is to the body as intelligence is to the mind. Staying fit is important as it reduces the risk of diseases by more than 80%. Mental fitness helps in maintaining a stressfree and peaceful life. Without being fit, we will not be able to concentrate on our work and not even be able to execute any work properly.

        To maintain fitness, we should know its main components:

  1. Flexibility: It is the ability of our body to move our joints and muscles as much as possible. It is important to maintain flexibility of the body to do work with more accuracy. It can be increased by doing yoga, stretching, etc.
  2. Cardio Endurance: It determines the power of the heart to pump as much blood as possible, and the power of lungs to supply as much oxygen as possible to the body. This can be developed and maintained to stay fit by cycling, long distance running, swimming, etc.
  3. Muscular Strength: This is the power of your muscles to exert the maximum force. It is used for lifting heavy things, weightlifting, etc. It can be developed by push-ups and pull-ups.
  4. Muscular Endurance: It is the ability of the muscles to carry on a work for long period of time. It can be developed by long distance run, cycling and other such activities.

To maintain proper fitness, all of these components should be considered with equal importance. A proper workout should contain all kinds of exercises paying attention to all these components.

Fitness is not something that can be taken for granted. We should put all our efforts to stay fit and also encourage everyone else to stay fit. Apart from the above mentioned components, we should take care of petite things like diet and cleanliness as fitness with all such care only leads to good health. Once we are fit, we should maintain it by regularly exercising and should never let it go down. It should be kept in mind that it is hard work that gains us fitness and not money.